Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We loved the first time so much...we had to do it again-Sina from Germany

Hey everyone! The title says it all--however we didnt realize the goodbye was going to be SO hard. It ws almost like depressing really! Me and my Mom came in Hege's room after she left and we just sobbed :( We were in a funk for like a week-- it was not fun... BUT then we remembered all the good times we had with Hege and knew that this girl from Germany needed a home, so we took her and it was an experience for sure. Once again filled with ups and downs, but again overall good. Sina was into volleyball so we went to her volleyball matches and watched her and one time she got hurt and had to go to the ER and I cried because I was so worried about her :( But she got better and we had fun over the holidays and stuff-- she LOVED Twizzlers and we would buy them for her alot. She was independent and funny! Get this...she is now an exchange student again at LSU--her college in Germany has an exchange program and she landed in Baton Rouge yesterday....we plan on seeing her again sometime this year during a break or something :)

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