Monday, August 30, 2010

AFS Picnic on Saturday/Sunday/Monday

We had our first gathering with host families, liaisons, students and friends at a local beach to welcome our new students. It was great weather with comfortable water (some students disagreed including Giulia), great food, great fun, and meeting new people. We palyed Global Bingo where students had to ask other students'/host families/ chapter presidents if they knew X or Y. It was fun! We took a group picture and we have  a large group this year of 26. Not all came for various reasons but it was fun! I think Giulia will make some friends with AFSers--she seemed to become friends with a Thai girl which is great. I think overall we will have a great year filled with diversity.

On Sunday, I had to work and Giulia went to the mall with girls she met from a party the night before. She had fun! I came back from work and took a nap, had dinner, and watched the Emmys--surprises there!

Today, Giulia went to school and I met my student teaching college advisor for lunch and Giulia had more homework then usual--American Government and Math, which is not that bad. She has a test tomorrow in American Government and says she studies in Italian (translates from English to Italian) to study. Cool! We also had ribs (she never had ribs) and she enjoyed them. She is excited to meet the grandparents in PA. We are going back this weekend for Labor day. Speaking of which, I will not have computer access there,so updates will come next week.

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