Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meeting Giulia for the first time

Today, finally arrived-the day we would pick up Giulia. We picked her up at a volunteer's house and met her. She is so cute and very sweet! Many "thank yous" and hugs and kisses along the way. She opened our welcome gifts and hugged and kissed us, had lunch, and talked. We talked about what she liked to eat, what she would like to do academically, and also with extra curricular activities at school,etc.She also brought us gifts from Italy including a necklace for my Mom, bracelet for me, apron to share, candy, and cloth like poster of the region she is from. She even brought a little espresso machine from home :) LOL

At times she said "Katie, I will go up to my room now--see you later!". Its cute! She skyped with her Mom & Dad and was very happy to do so. Her Mom is telling me that she is very happy and that we are a beautiful family.She even talked to our Nana and Nana said that she has a very "productive" or something to that matter accent. It is a good thing though!

It seems like it will be a great year. Tonight we are planning on taking her to the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy (if it doesn't rain) after church, to eat, then we are going to a neighbor's house for a party. Unfortunately, I most likely will not be able to go due to work which really bums me out, but oh well.

I am looking forward to writing many more blogs throughout the year as well as post pictures.You will be able to see pictures on my Facebook account.


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