Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eating tacos for the first time and getting used to her mannerisms

Hey everyone!

Today, Giulia had school and I had some phone calls to make and I had to get up early..GRR! But its ok....later I went for a walk and came back in time for Giulia's bus. She had a good day and had Physics homework. She did that while I took a "pesarino" or nap in Italian. It was good! Then Giulia went to the YMCA to swim onlyu to realize she forgot her bathing suit.....I was going to pick her up anyway, so I just stayed and read my "Italy for Dummies" book LOL. Then we went home and had tacos--Giulia never had tacos, so it was an adventure --we put so much stuff on it and she was like "no....its SO beautiful"...LOL one of her mannerisms.....but she liked it. She also never heard of cupcakes and thought it was hysterical when we explained to her how cupcakes are really big in the US now as a replacement for wedding cakes.

Speaking of mannerisms-- we already are beginning to catch on " is SO beautiful..." "thanks so much" , "what can I help you with", or  "I'm going to go to X or do X". It is WAY cute! We are having an AFS picnic this weekend where we meet the other AFSers, so we are looking forward to it! I will write how it goes.....

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