Sunday, August 15, 2010

"More Today then Yesterday"

Yesterday , we met Giulia for the first time--she is very sweet and very polite. I believe she will have a great year with us. Yesterday, we took her to the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy and they (my Mom, Dad, Giulia-I was at work) had gnocchi and gelato. Giulia didnt say how it was exactly so I will ask her--she most likely will say "good". It will be interesting to see how she compares our Italian food to her Italian food. After work , we went to a neighbor's party that was wild and had  a caveman and hillbilly theme along with cornhole, food, and many people who taled to Giulia. We are not really sure what she thought of the party really, but she said she had fun. She played cornhole and met our neighbors and talked Italian with one of the ladies that was 100% Sicilian which was cool.

Today, Mom took her to the grocery store and I will take her to the local target, show her her school, go to Starbucks, and maybe see Downtown Willoughby in the day depending on time allowed. Tonight, we are meeting our Serbian friends, who the wife was best friends with our first girl Hege,(the wife Ivana was a exchange student with PAX during Hege's year), her husband, and sister. They are now married and Hege went to their wedding and they went to Hege's in Norway. It was fun seeing them all dressed up in their native costumes.They are great people and are looking forward to meeting Giulia.

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