Monday, August 23, 2010

Giulia's pasta and running errands

Toady, we ran errands, very simple, and went to her high school to drop off paperwork. She is nervous about starting school, but I told her all exchange students are and that she will love the school! I still cant get over how good Giulia's pasta was last night! It was simple rigatoni with a light marinara--she pulled all the seeds out of the tomatoes and had a VERY light sauce--I didn't know this but she said she would have ate more pasta IF we had it for lunch and we didn't...we feel bad for I think we may have offended her accidentally, but dinner is our main meal here and she doesn't eat much and eats much more at lunch, which is their main meal in Italy and perhaps all of Europe too. I don't know.... BUT for lunch she had her pasta and I was happy she finished it for she made it and I felt bad she didn't eat much of it.

She does not eat much overall, but maybe its because she isn't use to eating a big meal around 6:00ish--maybe that will come with time, who knows. We are looking forward to Giulia cooking us more pasta or whatever!

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