Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giulia's first day of high school in USA!

Today was Giulia's first day--she was quite nervous, as to be expected, but I gave her a "Good Luck" card so that helped I believe. She said her day was quite long but good. She is taking 5 classes and has math homework tonight :p But it looked quite easy.... I helped her organize what school supplies she needs for what class and tonight we are planning on going shopping for them. She has classes with some of the other exchange students,which helps,and ate lunch with her friend Carlo ( the other Italian boy) and met Alexandria from Germany who was with EF.

It seems like she will have a course load with chemistry, honors algebra, Brit. Lit, and physics, but it will be good and challenging for her I'm sure. Many of the exchange students say that high school in America is way easy compared to their home country schools and are surprised kids "dont care" and fall asleep in class!

In other good news, I passed my second test that qualifies me to become a teacher, so now it is "official" :) I just need to meet with the chair of the education dept at my college and fill out paperwork to get my license. It took me several times to pass as these tests are VERY hard and Giulia saw me crying and she was like "OMG Whats wrong?" but when I told her, she was VERY happy for me and dried my tears and hugged me! It was cute!


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