Friday, August 13, 2010

We are Italian--We NEED to experience hosting from Italy--Giulia from Italy

I have told you about the other four in my life and a last minute decision by our family was made to host an Italian student this year. We are Italian, hence last name Caporossi, and the region from where our girl is coming from is near the region where my Dad's father's parents grew up--near the Marche region, specifically Cupri Maritime/Ascoli. My Dad's mother's side is from Sicily. So in a way we have a connection--sort of. We are excited for she will be our first Italian and I am excited to host again, learn about my heritage, and maybe learn some Italian too. I am considering taking an Italian course at a local community college in the fall. She arrives today at 2:00pm but her liaison will be picking her up and we will get her tomorrow morning.

We have already contacted her via Skype and Facebook and she seems really sweet. In my life, I knew I was Italian but never really thought about it much especially in my childhood. I had a Nana and a Nono and that's all I knew really. When I became involved with AFS and even in high school/college, I became more aware of what it meant to be "Italian" really through getting to know the students from Italy and my mannerisms, not that they were bad or what not, just "Italian like". Now I believe my experience of hosting a girl from Italy, will make me appreciate my heritage that much more and have a "full circle" experience so to speak.

I have always wanted to go to Italy and see what you see on TV (ie. Rome Colesseum) and I even got a book called "Italy for Dummies" and am highlighting/bookmarking good hotels/restaurants/attractions/tips,etc. I am halfway done for it is quite a big book. I am planning on substituting in schools near where I live and will plan on using that money for a trip to Italy--whenever that may happen.

I may talk about the other girls, if they come back and visit or what not, but the main focus will most likely be on Giulia/what our family does with her,etc.

So stay tuned!


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