Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mentor vs. Willoughby South football game

This past Friday ( 9/24) we took Giulia to her school vs. the school that Steven ( my Dad's person) plays on. Steven is from New Zealand and my Dad is his liaison. What a game it was! It started at 7:00 and didn't end till 10:30 LOL. It was a "Can You Top This?" game going back and forth in between the two teams. The final score: Mentor (48) Willoughby South (47). It was a bummer South lost but a great game regardless. She is going to homecoming with Steven. She is VERY excited and already has a dress and accessories. The dress is such a "Giulia" dress.

Since she has been here, we have had our mis communications and what not and good times as well NOT that it wasn't before--it just improved :) We are enjoying her VERY much--she is funny, very polite, sweet, tries new things (loves tacos and grilled cheese) and tells us about her country when we have questions. She even showed us her house and OMG! it is belissimo (beautiful in Italian). Me and her enjoy playing the  Wii together and she LOVES kicking my butt in tennis and I LOVE kicking her butt in bowling :) I am looking forward for more great moments together and of course travelling. Even though I have been to Niagara Falls so many times, its great because in a way it is "fresh" with a new person and seeing the USA through their eyes as well.....

I am VERY VERY happy we decided to host for a full year once again :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Grilled cheese 9/15 at Panini's

Today, Dad took Steven (his AFS person) out to dinner, Mom had an AT meeting, and so what did me and Giulia do???? Go out to eat! We went to Panini's ( the same place I took her when she arrived!) and she had a grilled cheese for the first time and loved it! She thought it was really good and in the parking lot, she told me when we go out again she will get...guess what? ..grilled cheese LOL. I was craving a buffalo crunch wrap and I had theirs once so I HAD to get it again LOL.

 She is enjoying swimming at the YMCA both laps and synchronized swimming as well as Zumba with me. She finds Zumba funny!

TTYL bye!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AFS meeting and being here a month already!

Time sure flies by when you have an exchange student living at your house :) I remember like it was yesterday meeting Giulia at a local volunteer's house for the first time and how I knew we would have a good year as usual. She couldn't believe it either! She told me in the car on the way home from the mall that she doesn't want to leave--- its ONLY been one month! Oh Giuly!

We had our first AFS meeting tonight. It went rather well. It was short, sweet and informative. the students signed up for their presentations and since we have 20 kids and not many months-- we will double up which will be nice.The more kids the merrier! Pics up soon :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chili and perfume

I didn't have an assignment today at a school, so I got up and went shopping :) I bought a really cute PJ set and sweater  from Aeropostale (saved $70) and got $75 for donating many of my CDs I will no longer listen to (it went in the Katie-goes-to-Italy to-visit-Giulia-soon- fund!) and later this evening , Giulia had chili for the first time and enjoyed it. Then since homecoming is soon, she wanted to go buy more perfume and it took her a while to decide getting "high" off some of the perfumes LOL. But she finally settled on SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker). It was the least expensive and most cute....she also bought nail polish and more bands from Build-A-Bear. BUT thank God she was with me for I lost my keys along the way (how can I be that ditzy?!) I was panicking and we went in all the stores we went to which was like 3 only to find I left them at store #1 20 minutes and sweating later.... SO to celebrate my "finding" we got ice cream LOL.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

AFS Orientation

Nana came and stayed with us for a few days since we got back from PA. Nothing much happened in between, so no stuff to post. Sorry :(  Yesterday (9/11 ironic isn't it?) we had the fall AFS orientation where the 26 students got together and had meetings all day then went to Fun-N-Stuff to play. I wasn't there for I had a meeting later that evening, but heard it went quite well. Fun-N-Stuff seemed fun for the kids and there was plenty to do. Both were far away so Mom/ Giulia didn't get home till midnight...long day! Pics are posted on FB--Mom took my camera! Yeah!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back from PA--met the grandparents

Nothing real special happened since the 31st. We just got back from PA this weekend where Giulia met the grandparents for the first time--she thinks they are real sweet! It was also our parents annniversary so we went out to a delicious Italian resturant and found out over the weekend she loves "I Can't Believe Its Not Buttr" and HATES cinnamon with a passion! LOL! She tried one of my Nana's apple squares with cinnamon in it and was like no thank you! Bout low and behold, she likes peanut butter which most exchange students hate due to the texture. We (Dad and I--Mom helped Nana prep dinner) took Giulia to Pittsburgh and she loved it! She enjoyed the Just Ducky tours and was scared to go up the incline, but did it. We took pictures and she wanted to pay for literally everything which was really sweet! But things we do as a family in general, either Mom or Dad pay.....she was bummed BUT I let her pay for lunch though LOL. She is really sweet, independent, polite,etc. I think we will have a great year.

I realize that if I update everyday it would be nuts for both me and the readers. I will most likely update from now on just "new " things/ vacations,etc.