Monday, September 13, 2010

Chili and perfume

I didn't have an assignment today at a school, so I got up and went shopping :) I bought a really cute PJ set and sweater  from Aeropostale (saved $70) and got $75 for donating many of my CDs I will no longer listen to (it went in the Katie-goes-to-Italy to-visit-Giulia-soon- fund!) and later this evening , Giulia had chili for the first time and enjoyed it. Then since homecoming is soon, she wanted to go buy more perfume and it took her a while to decide getting "high" off some of the perfumes LOL. But she finally settled on SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker). It was the least expensive and most cute....she also bought nail polish and more bands from Build-A-Bear. BUT thank God she was with me for I lost my keys along the way (how can I be that ditzy?!) I was panicking and we went in all the stores we went to which was like 3 only to find I left them at store #1 20 minutes and sweating later.... SO to celebrate my "finding" we got ice cream LOL.

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