Monday, September 6, 2010

Back from PA--met the grandparents

Nothing real special happened since the 31st. We just got back from PA this weekend where Giulia met the grandparents for the first time--she thinks they are real sweet! It was also our parents annniversary so we went out to a delicious Italian resturant and found out over the weekend she loves "I Can't Believe Its Not Buttr" and HATES cinnamon with a passion! LOL! She tried one of my Nana's apple squares with cinnamon in it and was like no thank you! Bout low and behold, she likes peanut butter which most exchange students hate due to the texture. We (Dad and I--Mom helped Nana prep dinner) took Giulia to Pittsburgh and she loved it! She enjoyed the Just Ducky tours and was scared to go up the incline, but did it. We took pictures and she wanted to pay for literally everything which was really sweet! But things we do as a family in general, either Mom or Dad pay.....she was bummed BUT I let her pay for lunch though LOL. She is really sweet, independent, polite,etc. I think we will have a great year.

I realize that if I update everyday it would be nuts for both me and the readers. I will most likely update from now on just "new " things/ vacations,etc.

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