Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giulia's parents visit and updates :)

I know, I know....months later yet another blog from me. LOL! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Giulia's parents. They are so cute and loved everything. Now I know where Giulia gets her fashion taste from --her Mom! They loved shopping here and getting to know us as a family.They brought us wonderful gifts and couldn't do enough for us. Katia was like my buddy. She loved me LOL!  In April, I met her twin Elly, who is literally just like Giulia--mannerisms, wanting to pay for stuff,etc. It is way cute!

Since April, Giulia has been busy with school, homecoming,etc. It is hard to believe as I write this that she will leave at the end of the month. Like I said before, all the girls we hosted were great and wonderful, but Giulia was different. She was polite, wanted to pay for us, told us "thank you" many times, had fun with us,etc.I could go on and on really.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's been FOREVER since my last post!

Hey everyone!
I apologize it has been forever since my last post, but we have been VERY busy with Giulia doing things with her, taking her here and there,etc. I have been busy working as a substitute teacher and she always asks how my day is and how the "children" are. If I don't get an assignment in the morning, she says "Ouch!" LOL. It's cute!

Her English is definitely improving and it is hard to believe it is going to be April already.When she leaves in June, I will definitely miss the little things--asking to turn on the radio and changing it when commercials come on, laughing her head off at Wipeout or one of Dad's comments, loving tacos,etc.

 Her parents are coming on Friday for a few days, so I am excited to meet them and I know Giulia is excited to see them. I will definitely blog when I can :) I'm still saving my money for Italy in the summer or if not then, perhaps Christmas.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank God we hosted again :)

It is now October and those in Welcome Families are either moving to a permanent one or are staying with the WF. I am thankful we weren't a welcome family and are a permanent one instead. Sure, we are 7 years apart in age, but we are getting along VERY well--playing Wii, shopping, being funny together, etc. She is very polite, respectful,independent,studious,etc. Sure there will be ups and miscommunications throughout the year and yes every student we had has been different, but Giulia is great in her own unique way.

I am looking forward to the rest of our year together, travelling together and taking her places, going shopping for things I don't need with her LOL,etc.

Homecoming 2010

This past Saturday, October 2nd, Giulia went to homecoming with another AFSer from New Zealand. They are budding a romance for sure :-) Giulia looked beautiful in her Jessica McClintock dress (I call it a "Giulia' dress because it is SO like her!) and Steven looked great with his tuxedo. We took pics at my house then they went to a friend's house. I went to the Nickleback concert with my friend. It was SO loud but awesome too :) Note to self is to bring earplugs next time LOL. Pics and videos on my Facebook profile.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mentor vs. Willoughby South football game

This past Friday ( 9/24) we took Giulia to her school vs. the school that Steven ( my Dad's person) plays on. Steven is from New Zealand and my Dad is his liaison. What a game it was! It started at 7:00 and didn't end till 10:30 LOL. It was a "Can You Top This?" game going back and forth in between the two teams. The final score: Mentor (48) Willoughby South (47). It was a bummer South lost but a great game regardless. She is going to homecoming with Steven. She is VERY excited and already has a dress and accessories. The dress is such a "Giulia" dress.

Since she has been here, we have had our mis communications and what not and good times as well NOT that it wasn't before--it just improved :) We are enjoying her VERY much--she is funny, very polite, sweet, tries new things (loves tacos and grilled cheese) and tells us about her country when we have questions. She even showed us her house and OMG! it is belissimo (beautiful in Italian). Me and her enjoy playing the  Wii together and she LOVES kicking my butt in tennis and I LOVE kicking her butt in bowling :) I am looking forward for more great moments together and of course travelling. Even though I have been to Niagara Falls so many times, its great because in a way it is "fresh" with a new person and seeing the USA through their eyes as well.....

I am VERY VERY happy we decided to host for a full year once again :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Grilled cheese 9/15 at Panini's

Today, Dad took Steven (his AFS person) out to dinner, Mom had an AT meeting, and so what did me and Giulia do???? Go out to eat! We went to Panini's ( the same place I took her when she arrived!) and she had a grilled cheese for the first time and loved it! She thought it was really good and in the parking lot, she told me when we go out again she will get...guess what? ..grilled cheese LOL. I was craving a buffalo crunch wrap and I had theirs once so I HAD to get it again LOL.

 She is enjoying swimming at the YMCA both laps and synchronized swimming as well as Zumba with me. She finds Zumba funny!

TTYL bye!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AFS meeting and being here a month already!

Time sure flies by when you have an exchange student living at your house :) I remember like it was yesterday meeting Giulia at a local volunteer's house for the first time and how I knew we would have a good year as usual. She couldn't believe it either! She told me in the car on the way home from the mall that she doesn't want to leave--- its ONLY been one month! Oh Giuly!

We had our first AFS meeting tonight. It went rather well. It was short, sweet and informative. the students signed up for their presentations and since we have 20 kids and not many months-- we will double up which will be nice.The more kids the merrier! Pics up soon :)