Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1 Week left till Giulia goes to Willoughby South! Time flys!

Hey everyone! She has only been with us since Saturday and yet it seems longer (dont know why) maybe because we skyped/talked for quite a bit after she  knew we were her family LOL. I also remember how nervous I was before we picked her up and I have no idea why! LOL  But yet as I write this, it is also hard to believe she starts school in one week. She got her classes today and it will be a full load, but she is smart and I'm sure it will be a good challenge for her. I think she is nervous about making friends for I can sense that (she asks for me a lot which I don't mind for I enjoy her company, HOWEVER during the year I hope she does make some USA friends for I am 7 years older then her and she needs to be with people her age, I believe it will be great for her). I believe she will regardless whether that will be through classes or being involved with extracurricular activities like Drama Club or maybe swimming. The only thing I regret is that I wish she was here last year for I could have introduced her to two seniors who could have introduced her to their friends ....but oh well.....

Today, we went shopping with Carlo ( a boy from Italy) and she bought a cute Hollister dress, top at macy's (she was SO excited when we had Macy's LOL), and a surprise gift for Carlo's birthday from Build-A-Bear. They loved how cheap everything is here and to us it can  be expensive depending on what you buy. At night, we had vermicelli with garlic and bread crumbs and didn't think she would like it for she is more of a pasta with tomato sauce person we believe, but she liked it....then we went to go see Eat,Pray, Love and some of it was in Italian and she said that the characters/Julia Roberts did very well! :) It was really cute! She also met Mary, my best friend and her best friend in Italy is nicknamed Mary too! How ironic!

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