Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Come on..I'm in college now..lets do it again.... Sigrid from Sweden

After Vale, we literally thought we were done for hosting for good....well not so fast..... my Mom still President- and doing an awesome job!- saw that there were two girls left who needed homes for the 2008-2009 school year ( I was again a senior, this time at college and away at college in an apartment) and there was a girl from Japan and Sweden left. I remember we looked at both bios and decided on Sigrid because she was different-- she was into music, had excellent grades, excellent English,etc. Our Hege was really good friends with a girl from Sweden and we wanted to experinece the Swedish life. So off we went to get Sigrid....

Like her bio said, she did have excellent grades and excellent English. I did not know this at the time, but their TV is always in English and had Swedish subtitles, that's why they are so good at it :) She was into music and we went to her concerts. She did really well! She became REALLY close with our family and also with girls from Switzerland and Spain. They instantly became the three "amigas".

We loved spending time with her on the holidays and unfortunately, I broke my hand in November, and she called and asked how I was which was really sweet of her! I feel bad I did not spend as much time as I wish with her due to being in the apartment. She was always willing to come visit and spend an evening, but didn't due to school work and what not. That was cool!

When I got back in may, we watched American Idol together and she loved two contestents who eventually became the winner, Kris Allen, and also Megan Joy, the girl who was different with tatoos and all. On the show, I didnt like them at all--since the tour I loved Megan, but still do not like Kris--sorry Kris! I even videotaped those two for her and hope to put the videos up soon....

We went to go visit Sigrid in 2009 and it was great. We saw her school, met her brother and her Dad. Her Mom came for her graduation so we saw her again - it was SO cute seeing them cry at the airport when they saw each other.It was great to share another graduation with another sister :)

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