Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Espanol hermana ahora -- Vale de Chile

We took a break from hosting between Sina and my junior year of high school. For my senior year, I wanted to host again and wanted it to be a Spanish speaking girl- I did not care what country she came from as long as she spoke Spanish. My Mom became president at the time and picked out Maria Valentina Rozas Cerda from Chile. She was two years younger then me and was bubbly,and giggly. I remember picking her up at the bus and she had stuffed animals with her and she's like "Can you hold these for a second?" shoving em toward me LOL. Literally, two days after her arrival, we turned around and went to NYC for both my Mom and I's birthday-- poor Vale--she just came from NYC--but she was cool with it!

She also helped me with my Spanish which was really nice. Unfortunately, I didn't know much at all so she tried to help me understand the "it" verbs and got frustrated--sorry Vale! But you were a good teacher :)

During the year, she had a video camera with her and always had it on her. We made a snowman in the winter and named it the "Pathetic". She put her sunglasses on it and it was a hoot!
She also met Sina through the year, our last  girl,  and met Mari ,Hege's sister from Norway, who was an au pair in Michigan at the time. She came down for the Maroon 5 concert which was awesome! I also had Vale go to the Jesse McCartney concert--it was cool at the time--

She also videotaped my graduation for me which was really nice..and even had a special message at the end of the video.

So yes we had a good year with her. We have been lucky so far with all three of our experiences, each of them were different.....

ready for yet ANOTHER one?

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