Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a relaxing Monday

Yesterday, we met our Serbian friends at Cheesecake factory and it was fun. Today, we went for a walk around the school where she will go and went to the YMCA to get her registered. She is interested in swimming, so may do that in the Y--I dont know yet. We also saw Carlo from Italy too. He will be at Willoughby South as well. We may go out for lunch or go get ice cream at Coldstone. Either way yum! In between activities and what not, we have been playing Wii Sports and Giulia beats me at tennis almost everytime LOL! BUT I get back at her and beat her at bowling :-)

She may be a little homesick but that is ok for that is normal. She asks for me alot....I also noticed that she asks for "my Mom" or "my Dad" now and not just Mom/Dad or Sandy/Ron, but that is ok. Either Mom and Dad will come soon or she may just stick with Ron & Sandy. Whatever she feels comfortable with. Later today, I have to go to work :(  We were thinking of making vermicelli with bread crumbs and garlic for dinner but that will most likely be tomorrow.

It was a VERY good first weekend!

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